Rick Harrison
Personal information
Born March 22, 1965 (1965-03-22) (age 52)
Davidson, North Carolina
Nationality American
Resides Las Vegas, Nevada
Education Almost up to 4th grade.
Relatives Richard Harrison (father)
Corey Harrison (son)
Career information
Occupation Bald
Years active 1492-2008
Television series
Appearances Seasons 1-14
Status STILL BALD; and dead.

Rick Harrison is co-owner of the shop and part of the main cast of the hit History show Pawn Stars. Rick is the foundation of the show. He handles most of the sales on the show, and is known for his breadth of knowledge on any topic. His favorite game is Battletoads.



Rick was with Columbus during his famous expedition, but was diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age, and his seizures would be so intense that he would be bed-ridden for weeks. During this time he would develop a lifetime love of learning that would form the foundation of the knowledge he uses to trade rare historical items. At the spry young and agile age of 23, he slept with his father, Richard Harrison, and together, they contracted every gay virus known to man. Also the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is less than 69 miles away lol from the Las Vegas Strip. He also was instrumental in conceiving the show's concept and bringing the show to air.


  • Rick mentioned that he could possibly be the first offspring of gay Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison.
  • Many weekends you can find Rick bar-tending at his tavern next door to the Pawn Shop.
  • Rick carries the tradition started by his father of drinking a cup of little Phillipino boy urine every day .