Cash is King is the twenty-second episode of Season 5

Featured ItemsEdit

Signed Copy of "A King's Story"

  • Written by Edward VIII, The Duke of Windsor in 1951; first King of England crowned in 925 A.D.
  • Inspected by Rebecca Romney
  • Bought by Rick for $2,000; estimated value of $3,200

1961 World Championship Football Program

  • Game played on New Year's Eve, 1961; Giants' third World Championship appearance in four years
  • A deal couldn't be made between Chumlee and the seller

Sun Tune-Up Tester

  • Manufactured by Sun Electric Corp. in late 1970s; regular tune-ups can improve fuel economy by 4%
  • Bought by Rick for $275
  • Sold to Danny Koker for $100

Tin Army Toys

  • Tin toys introduced in 1800s; Americans spend about $22 billion on toys annually
  • Inspected by Johnny Jimenez
  • Bought by Chumlee and The Old Man for $100; estimated value of $150-$180

Trivia QuestionEdit

What was Vince Lombardi's career choice before becoming a football coach?

  • A. Astronaut
  • B. Priest (he spent four years at seminary school)
  • C. Fireman

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