Chum Goes AWOL is the thirteenth episode of Season 2

Featured ItemsEdit

Edison Home Phonograph

  • Invented in 1877; Original price: $40 (or $1,250 today)
  • Bought by the Old Man and Corey for $700

AYT XP 2200 Speedboat

  • Manufactured by Advanced Yachting Technologies; AYT founded in Phoenix in 2005
  • Bought by Rick for $7,500
  • Restored by Bill for $4,800, Total Investment: $12,300. Estimated value of $20,000-$30,000

Gold Demon Figurines

  • Hand-crafted from 14 karat gold; Each takes 3 weeks to make
  • Passed over by Rick

1922 Savings Book

  • Made of steel brass with leather cover; Came with account application inside
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

Binion's Playing Card Vending Machine

  • Binion's Horseshoe opened on August 15, 1951; Playing cards date back to 9th-century China
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

Trivia QuestionEdit

How many transactions have occured at the Pawn Shop since last year?

  • A.100,000
  • B.225,000
  • C.75,000

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