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Austin Russell
Gender Male/female
Professional Status
Occupation Thick retard
Previous Occupation Nose picker
Base of Operations Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Las Vegas, Nevada

Austin "AsreWart" Russell is one of the retared employees and is part of the main cast of te hit History show Pawn Stars. He is a childhood friend of Corey even tho he hates him but says he like him to keep his job. He is treated to a hard bumming by Rick daily in the toilets and made to rim the old man. Chumlee is often not taken seriously and is the butt of everyone's jokes due to how utterly thick as shit he is.Chumlee once spent 3 weeks in hospital after his arse was split open after a orgy in a field with a well hung horse went terribly wrong.

Chumlee once tried to kill himself with a toaster.


  • Chumlee began working as a cock sucker bum at the age of 6 for candy.
  • His nickname came from his friends in elementary school, who took the name from a gay sex act with dog food
  • Chumlee seems to have a keen intellect in sticking his finger in dogs butts.
  • Chumlee has a IQ of a can of beans

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