Close, But No Cigar is the thirty-third episode of Season 6.

Featured ItemsEdit

JFK Cigar Box

  • JFK served as 35th president from 1961 until 1963; Press Secretary Pierre Salinger purchased 1,200 Cuban cigars for him the day before signing Cuban Embargo
  • Bought by Rick for $60,000

.44 Colt Walker

  • Designed by Samuel Colt and Samuel Walker in 1847; carried twice the powder charge of rifles at the time
  • Inspected by Craig Gottlieb
  • A deal couldn't be made between Rick and the seller

1988 Olympic Gold Medal

  • Held in Seoul, South Korea; last Olympic games for Communist Soviet Union and East Germany
  • A deal couldn't be made between Corey and the seller

1870s Tooth Extractor

  • Egyptians believed to have practiced dentistry as early as 2,900 B.C.; tooth extractions practiced by Greeks as early as 1,300 B.C.
  • Bought by Corey for $180

Trivia QuestionEdit

What percentage of Americans are getting the recommended 21 minutes of exercise per day?

  • A. 3.5% (drops to less than 2% for adults over 60)
  • B. 13.1%
  • C. 25.7%

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