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Richard"Big Wet fat prick" Corey Harrison
Birthday 5/10/1445
Gender hermafrodite
Professional Status
Occupation thick klingon
Previous Occupation ugly fat twat
Base of Operations bed wetting, Las Vegas, Nevada

Richard Corey " Big Wet Thick fat prick" Harrison is one of the employees and is part of the main cast of the hit History show Pawn Stars. Corey is a useless fat twat, Rick Harrison has bummed him daily from a child and punched him so badly in violent weekly sex session with his father Richard Harrison"The old man" that Corey has finally realized he is good for nothing and nobody likes him. Corey left school early as suffers from massive body odor problems and refused to ever wash his dick as "The Old Man" said it tasted better that way. Corey was involved in the accident with Chumlee with the horse, Corey sucked off the horse and buttered up Chumlee's arse before it got ripped. Corey loves animal sex and has been arrested countless times. Corey holds the record in Nevada for being a fat waste of space next to runner up Chum lee


  • Corey gets fist raped more than anyone else in the shop.
  • If he didn't work at the Pawn shop, his dream job would be to sit and eat burgers and jerk off
  • He is a big fan of gay porn and like Elton John

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