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Richard"Big Wet Thick Penis and raped" Corey Harrison
Birthday 5/10/1445
Gender Male(Penis ripped off by a faggot)
Professional Status
Occupation Raped
Previous Occupation Raped by faggots
Base of Operations Tied to Matthew Johnson's bed, Las Vegas, Nevada

Richard Corey " Big Wet Thick Penis" Harrison is one of the employees and is part of the main cast of the hit History show Pawn Stars. Corey is Matthew Johnson's blow toy began raping him at the age of 9. Matthew Johnson polishs Corey's penis.Gets raped on day-to-day basis.Matthew Johnson loves Corey's penis so so so much.Matthew Johnson loves bounching pennies off Corey's ass. Matthew Johnson licks Corey's asshole scary clean.Corey has a penis size of 42 1/2  inches.Matthew Johnson broke Corey's penis in half like a twig.Matthew Johnson licked Corey's ass so deep his tongue was in Corey's stomach.Matthew Johnson gave Corey a reach around.Corey yells in pain as Matthew Johnson and Cummy Hoover hammed nails into Corey's foreskin.Matthew Johnson sucked off Corey so hard untill Corey turned blue and green.Corey has a very very low sperm count untill Corey was blowing hot wet air.Matthew Johnson sucked Corey into his ass.Matthew Johnson sucked Corey so hard Corey shit his self.Matthew Johnson gives Corey a 72 hour penis queef.Matthew Johnson gave Corey a 90 hour boner .Matthew Johnson sucked Corey skinny and drained his nuts so dry looked like smashed grapes.Matthew Johnson sucked Corey's penis without mercy.Matthew Johnson told Corey he was his blow toy for end of time.But of course his penis was ripped off by a faggot.Matthew Johnson popped one of Corey's nuts flat.


  • Corey gets the most raped than anyone else in the shop.
  • If he didn't work at the Pawn shop, his dream job would be to not get fucked by Matthew Johnson.
  • He is a big fan of not getting raped.

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