Gangsters & Guitars is the 5th episode of Season 1

Featured ItemsEdit

1962 Lincoln Continental

  • Sticker price in 1962: $10,000, the same as a Rolls-Royce; Founder Henry Leland also created Cadillac
  • Restored by Wally for $15,000. Total Investment: $23,500. Estimated value of $30,000-$35,000

Confederate Money

  • First note from Confederate government issued in April 1861; Over $2 billion in Confederate currency was printed
  • Bought by Rick for $300

1942 Gibson L7

  • Founder Orville Gibson originally made mandolins; L7 model was only available from 1933 to 1972
  • Bought by Rick for $1,000
  • Restored by Jim for $450. Total Investment: $1,450. Estimated value of $3,500


  • Manufactured from October 1977 to January 1992; Originally retailed for $200, now 32 years later a Nintendo Wii is only $250; More than 40 million units sold

Trivia QuestionEdit

What's the most vaulable old coin in the Shop?

  • A.1909 $2.50 Gold Piece in Mint Condition ($1,750)
  • B.1859 $3 Gold Piece in Mint Condition ($2,650)
  • C.1914 $20 Gold Piece in Mint Condition ($2,200)

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