Knights in Fake Armor? is the fourth episode of Season 1

Featured ItemsEdit

Jousting Helmet

  • Used throughout the 16th Century; French King Henry II was killed in a jousting tournament when a lance pierced his eye
  • Inspected by Jim
  • Passed over by Rick

Big Dog Custom Chopper

  • Custom choppers became popular as soldiers returned home from WWII; Big Dog manufactures only about 2,500 custom motorcycles per year
  • Pawned for $15,000

1884 Springfield Trapdoor Gun

  • Manufactured from 1884 to 1893; name comes from the "trapdoor" opening which was used for loading
  • Bought by Rick for $1,500

Pac-Man Arcade Game

  • Best selling coin operated game in history; design inspired by a pizza missing one slice
  • Bought by Corey for $175
  • Restored for $350; Total investment: $525; estimated value of $1,000-$1,200

Trivia QuestionEdit

What is the longest time the guys have ever spent negotiating over an item? (From Season 4's "Missile Attack", not this episode)

  • A. 45 minutes
  • B. 90 minutes
  • C. 3 Hours (Rick bought a truck)

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