Little Pawn Shop of Horrors is the seventeenth episode of Season 6

Featured ItemsEdit

Props from "Child's Play"

  • The cult classic was released domestically November 9, 1988; grossed $44 million worldwide and spawned four sequels
  • Bought by Rick for $2,000

Autographed Football

  • The Bears were founded in 1919 as the Decatur Staleys; moved to Chicago in 1921 but didn't become the Bears until 1922
  • Inspected by Jeremy Brown
  • A deal couldn't be made between Corey and the seller

1925 Gibson Banjo

  • Banjos were fisrt made in Africa around 1600; Gibson debuted their line of banjos in 1918
  • Inspected by Jesse Armoroso
  • Bought by Rick and the Old Man for $1,650; estimated value of $2,400-$2,500

Trivia QuestionEdit

What NFL Hall of Famer made his acting debut in "Brian's Song"?

  • A. Gale Sayers
  • B. Dick Butkus (Sayers wanted to play himself, but training camp conflicted with scheduling)
  • C. Mike Ditka

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