Richard Harrison
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Pawn Shop Owner
Previous Occupation Porn Shop Owner
Base of Operations Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Las Vegas, Nevada
Richard Benjamin "The Old Man" Harrison is co-owner of the shop and is part of the main cast of the hit History show Pawn Stars. He often chastises the shop's employees, complaining about their productivity or something else that he can find to insult them about. All of this is done in good humor, as many times his son CHUMLEE will ask for his expertise in sexual assault allegations


Richard is originally from Lexington, North Carolina, and served 21 years in the United States Navy. In 1988, he decided to go into business with his family, and he says it is the worst decision he's ever made.

TV SeriesEdit


  • He is the first to arrive at the shop every morning.
  • He is the inventor of the "chumshot", an act that requires the old man to ejaculate on Chumlee's facial hair once every 30 minutes.
  • He was 38 years old when he got his nickname.
  • He and Rick can be seen groping each other in various background shots throughout the show.
  • In the third episode of season 2, the Old Man was struck with a weaponized meme, which Rick himself had modified. This incident left the Old Man with a noticeable stutter, and when asked about his stutter in "A Very Pawn Stars Christmas", he simply replied that he "felt like he needed to release some sexual frustration". He later sodomized both Corey and Rick near the end of the episode.
  • All the guys make fun of him for fapping in his chair all day.
  • He claims that he does more work in the morning than Corey does all day.
  • He drinks 15-20 cups of young boy urine a day.
  • He's a fag and dosen't like others to tell him he is one.
  • Once in the year 1011, when he was 11 years old he was caught sexually harassing a donkey in Damascus.

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