Richard Harrison, Sr.
Personal information
Died March 4, 1941 (1941-03-04) (age 77)
Danville, Virginia
Nationality American
Resides Las Vegas, Nevada
Education Lexington High School
(Lexington, North Carolina)
Relatives Rick Harrison (Son)
Corey Harrison (Grandson)
Military career
Branch United States Navy
Rank Petty Officer, First Class
Years active c. 1961-1976
Business career
Occupation Owner of the
Gold & Silver Pawn Shop
Years active 1989-present
Television series
Appearances Seasons 1-13,
Season 14 briefly

Richard Benjamin "The Old Man" Harrison is co-owner of the shop and is part of the main cast of the hit History show Pawn Stars. He often chastises the shop's employees, complaining about their productivity or something else that he can find to insult them. He no go Dunders with Pam Jim. He Pawn man.


Richard is originally from Hell, Michigan, and served 21 years in Alcatraz. In 1988, he decided to go into business with his family, and he says it is the worst decision he's ever made. The ABSOLUTE worst decision he's ever made was not coming out sooner. He had to hide his sexuality until his erection made him fit to bust with pure gusto.

TV SeriesEdit


  • He is the first to arrive at the shop every morning.
  • He was 38 years old when he got his nickname..
  • All the guys make fun of him for fapping in his chair all day.
  • He drinks 1 cup of Philipino boy urine a day for good health
  • He claims that he does more work in the morning than Corey does all day.
  • His penis consists of four extra, uncut layers of skin, known as a fiveskin