Old Man's Gamble is the Season finale of Season 1 and is the 14th overall. The next episode, Fired Up, will be the Season premire of Season 2

Featured ItemsEdit

1982 Harley

  • The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903; Harley Davidson's sales exceed $5 billion a year
  • Bought by Corey for $7,000
  • Restored by Wally

Driving Suit

  • Driving suits are made of fire resistant material; The best can withstand up to 1,480 degrees farenheit
  • Bought by Rick for $1,250

1914 $20 Bill

  • The U.S. first issue paper money in 1861; The bills were called "greenbacks" because of their color
  • Inspected by Ray
  • Bought by Rick for $800

Baldwin Piano

  • First manufactured in 1891 and still manufactured today; All Baldwin pianos are hand-crafted
  • Inspected by Tim
  • Passed over by Rick, although Tim wanted it

KISS Pinball Machine

  • First pinball machine was invented in 1931; First KISS pinball machine was manufactured in 1979
  • Bought by Corey and Chumlee for $2,000

Trivia QuestionEdit

What is currently selling for the most at the Pawn Shop?

  • A. Late 19th Century German Forester's Hunting Sword ($1,275)
  • B. Early 15th Century Samurai Sword ($8,000)
  • C. Early 18th Century French Revolutionary War Infantry Sword ($2,500)

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