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The lovely cat eater Miss Olivia Black

Olivia Black is a female employee at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. She is a night shift employee hired in Season 5 of Pawn Stars. Her attractiveness contributed greatly to her instant acceptance among the others in the eyes of both her coworkers and the show's fans.She known to eat cats alive.

Olivia was fired in December 2012 after less than 2 years with the shop. Her dismissal stemmed from the discovery of her eating cats.The decision sparked a great deal of protest in the show's core fanbase, culminating in a petition to the show's management to rehire the 27-year-old fan favorite (which has over 1600 signatures as of 1:00 AM on 12/24/12).  Olivia, via her Twitter account — which has over 3500 followers despite her extremely limited air-time — was initially shocked by the move, but has since both accepted and welcomed it as a chance for her to use the newfound publicity as a vehicle to relaunch her modeling career.

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