Silent but Chumlee is the thirteenth episode of Season 6

Featured ItemsEdit

Silent Scope 2 Game

  • Released in 2000; player is a sniper hunting terrorists
  • Bought by Chumlee for $700

1874 Chopmarked Trade Dollar

  • Issued by U.S. Mint from 1873 to 1885; contained more silver than a silver dollar
  • Bought by Corey for $500

Salvador Dali Painting

  • A master of surrealism, he lived from 1904 to 1989; in that time he created over 2,000 works of art
  • Inspected by Brett Maly
  • Passed over by Rick

French Carabinier Helmet and Armor

  • Royal Carabiniers formed by Louis XIV in 1693; consisted of 100 companies each with 30 men
  • Inspected by Craig Gottlieb
  • Bought by Rick for $5,000; estimated value of $6,000

Trivia QuestionEdit

What classic game show did Salvador Dali appear on?

  • A. "To Tell the Truth"
  • B. "What's My Line?" (contestants were blindfolded because Dali's appearance would give his occupation away)
  • C. "Match Game"

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