Take the Money and Run is the fourteenth episode of Season 6

Featured ItemsEdit

Kentucky Long Rifle

  • More than 73,000 made; rifled musket was predominant American weapon of choice between 1730 and 1850
  • Bought by Rick for $600

Electroshock Device

  • Electroshock therapy produces a small seizure in the brain; originally used to treat everything from malaria to depression
  • Bought by Corey for $125

Rumble in the Jungle Poster

  • First title fight promoted by boxing legend Don King; fought in Kinshasa, Zaire; Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in 8th round
  • Inspected by Jeremy
  • Bought by Rick for $225;estimated worth of $300

1700s Map

  • Earliest maps were carved in clay around 2300 B.C.; maps made during Middle Ages placed Jerusalem at center of the world
  • Inspected by Mark Hall-Patton
  • Bought by Rick for $2,000

Trivia QuestionEdit

Muhammad Ali fought 12 World Champions in his career, how many did he defeat?

  • A. 8
  • B. 10
  • C. 12

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