The Eagle Has Landed is the nineteenth episode of Season 3

Featured ItemsEdit

Antique Slot Machine

  • Slot machines first popular in 1890s San Francisco; first fully electric slot machine built in 1975
  • Bought by Rick for $600

1973 Jeep CJ-5

  • First Jeep made for military in 1940; developed to replace Army motorcycles
  • Bought by Corey and The Old Man for $1,800
  • Restored by Danny Koker for $5,500; Total investment: $7,300; estimated value of $15,000

1861 $20 Gold Piece

  • Issued 1849 to 1933; this one minted in San Francisco
  • Inspected by Andrew
  • Bought by Rick for $34,000

NASA Apollo 17 Photos

  • Apollo program ran from 1961 to 1975; Apollo 17 flew December 7 to 19, 1972
  • Inspected by Mark Hall-Patton
  • Passed over by Rick

Trivia QuestionEdit

How long have Chumlee and Corey been friends?

  • A. 18 years
  • B. 15 years
  • C. 12 years

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