Time Machines is the eighth episode of Season 1

Featured ItemsEdit

1950's Coke Machine

  • Coke first used coin operated machines in 1929; early machines were ice boxes
  • Bought by Rick for $300
  • Restored by Rick Dale for $2,500; Total investment: $2,800; estimated value of $7,500

18th Century Flintlock Pistol

  • First made around 1560 in the Netherlands; used widely in Colonial America; replaced in the mid 1800's by the percussion cap lock
  • Inspected by Sean Rich; estimated value of $75-$100
  • Passed over by Corey

Comic Books

  • The Library of Congress hold's the world's largest comic book collection; the first comic book hero "Superman" debuted in 1938
  • Bought by Rick for $70

1941 Philco Radio

  • Top selling radio in the 1930's; most popular programs: The Bob Hope and Jack Benny shows
  • Bought by Rick for $150

Berlin Wall

  • Began as a 96-mile barbed wire fence in August 1961; built to separate East and West Berlin during the Cold War; torn down in 1990
  • Passed over by Rick

Trivia QuestionEdit

Which of the following items at the Pawn Shop is worth the most?

  • A. Jerry Rice Signed Jersey ($600)
  • B. Painting of Jim Morrison by James Dent ($9,500)
  • C. .78 Caliber Rifle from 1830 ($2,200)

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