Wheels is the twelfth episode of Season 2

Featured ItemsEdit

Dutch East India Bell

  • Made from 38 lbs of solid bronze; estimated cost in 18th century: $120
  • Inspected by Carl
  • Bought by Rick for $7,200

Indian Boy Racer Minibike

  • Indian Motorcycle Co. operated from 1901 to 1970; Minibike model introduced in 1969 for $325.00
  • Restored by Rick Dale for $3,000, Total Investment: $6,000, Estimated value of $7,200

Vintage Roulette Wheel

  • Roulette wheels began as portable betting games for parties; The sum of numbers on a roulette wheel: 666
  • A bet was made between Rick and the seller
  • Wheel landed on seller's red, so it was bought for $1,200

Antique Scottish Knives

  • Traditionally up to 20 in. long; Often decorated with a scotsman's clan crest
  • Rick bought one of two knives for $500

Trivia QuestionEdit

How many fake items/replicas have been bought into the Pawn Shop since it opened?

  • A.Over 1,000
  • B.Over 5,000
  • C.Over 10,000

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